Tapestry is an easy to use online service dedicated to the process of profiling a child’s development within the requirements of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  It is fully compliant with the revised EYFS framework.

How we use “Tapestry” at the Nursery:

  • collect photographic evidence of individual children activities and acheivement;

  • annotate each evidence item;

  • access each evidence item against the EYFS early learning goals;

  • additionally, using a web browser to record profile judgements based on the 3 “learning characteristics”;

  • we reinforce assessments using the ‘development statements’ taken from ‘development matters’;

 What do parents/carers get?

 “Tapestry” has been designed to enable parents/carers to monitor their child’s progress by keeping track of the evidence collection process as it progresses.

  • parents/carers accounts are automatically created and notification of account details is auto emailed at the click of a button.

  • parents/carers have a secure login with a passcode

  • parents/carers view is restricted to their child’s evidence only

  • evidence items become available for parents/carers on a weekly basis (to allow for any necessary editing of comment text and assessments).